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When Was The Last Time Your Grandma Was Interviewed for the Paper?

The Deseret News wrote up an article about my Grandma DeeDee: 94 Years and 88 Keys Add Up To One Great Lady.

I’m spoiled, I tell you. Not everybody gets to grow up nearby both of their Grandmas, and both are such incredible women. I was one lucky little girl to get piano lessons from my Grandma DeeDee. I remember her using her fingers like a curling iron on my fingers to teach me how to play with my fingers properly bent. And when I learned to play a waltz, she got up off of the piano bench next to me and danced around the room. You tell me if you were lucky enough to have a piano teacher that study at Columbia and Julliard, hmm? That’s what I thought.

And that’s just Grandma DeeDee. I could tell oodles of stories about Grumma Campbell, too. How about a list instead? Super!

Larrie’s Blessings from Grandma and Grumma:

  • Playing dress up at Grumma’s
  • Grandma’s garden with a rock waterfall, a gazebo, bird baths, a gong, and always beautiful
  • Picking apples from Grumma’s apple tree
  • Playing house in Grandma’s basement bedrooms with a closet secret passageway
  • Swimming at Grumma’s
  • Piano recitals in Grandma’s living room
  • Birthday texts from Grumma
  • Easter brunches at Grandma’s
  • Christmas lunches with Grumma
  • Grandma’s rolls–mmmm, lard
  • Grumma’s pecan logs!
  • Doing the crossword with Grandma while waiting for a concert to start
  • Eating dinner with Grumma the day the tornado came through Salt Lake

And on and on, but I’ll stop there. I love my Grandmas! What memories do you cherish with your grandparents?