Furniture Shopping

Imagine what would happen if I walked into a retail store with salespeople working off of commission with a sign over my head that read, “I’m here to spend thousands of dollars.” I think that those sales folks just MIGHT be pushing and shoving to get to me first. Perhaps.

When I worked in downtown Salt Lake for United Way (yes, that was years and years ago and there should be a limit to the number of times anyone is allowed to refer to their life pre-blogging in a blog), I used to stop in a very expensive jewelery store quite frequently. I looked nice because of the dress code at work and it usually took between five and ten minutes before some diamond (or Rolex) expert decided to check on me.

I walked into that store on a Saturday once and I wasn’t wearing any of my nice jewelry, or a pinstripe suit (I own SO many of those), or even heels. The commissioned jewelry folks didn’t seem to notice me. And that was the time that I was actually there to purchase (some David Yurman jewelry that my siblings and I were giving our mom for her birthday). I actually had to ASK to be helped. When I asked the woman specifically for Yurman she then realized that I KNEW jewelry (and it was the expensive stuff, too). Then, she found out who I was and the connection that I have with jewelry company and it was an entirely new shopping experience. Can I get you this? How about a massage while you try on watches? Some chocolates? And while I’m at it, I’ll see what I can do about throwing in a Monte Blanc pen with your purchase.

I still love going into that jewelry store even if their customer service tends to be biased towards those wearing Elie Tahari. I love it because I love gorgeous jewelry and they carries the best.

I had a very different shopping experience today walking into Linda’s Furniture. They have a HU-MUNGO sale going on before they go out of business and I thought I’d stop by to have a looksee while I’m attempting to furnish the condo that is soon to be mine.

I walked into the store in tennis shoes, Nike basektball shorts, a grey tank top and a green hoodie on. I know what you’re thinking. I DEFINITELY looked like MONEY. I walked in the front door and turned right to start perusing. A woman came towards me and I expected something along the lines of “Welcome and let me know if there’s anything I can help you find (we don’t have any treadmills here).” Instead, she came right up to me and starting HELPING me. Gasp. And she was really helpful. Plus, I walked in ten minutes before closing time. When she started to realize that I was SERIOUS about buying furniture and not just an end table, she was pleasantly surprised.

I’m going back there after my soccer game. And after I measure the condo once more, just to make sure.

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