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Day 5: Who Wants Some Personal Attention from Larrie?

Just before the Problogger website pops up, I get a little excited wondering what the challenge for today will be. Then I saw today’s “Build a Better Blog” task for Day 5: Email a Blog Reader.


That’s what I thought.

And for a bit, I wondered if I would just skip today.

I am only working a half day so why not take some time off from the blog world, too, right?

Then, as I was walking back to my desk from our team meeting, I overheard a conversation about lunch that went something like this:

Mz: Did you bring?

Freddy: No.

Mz: Step.

And off they went.

I did not go to lunch with them. Instead, I sat down at my desk surrounded by empty cubicles and in the silence of my IT world, I thought, “How about if I set up a little CONTEST for this here task today. Okay, yeah. Good idear o’Larrie.”

So here it is. Your contest for today, if you choose to accept, is to post a comment in order to WIN a chance to get an email from LARRIE! The winner will be the comment who finishes this sentence the best:

I realized it was time to move out of the OC when I saw a couple pushing a stroller meant for twins, and instead of twins it contained…