bumbo excitement at our place

Better Friends Than Fox & Hound


Little D Man is getting bigger now and gets to graduate from just floor time to sitting time. This means that Pogi is even more interested in him. Each new skill Dom masters means he is one step closer to throwing something. Pogi is anxiously awaiting his ability to throw cat toys down the hall. Then, we can just leave the cat in charge and go to a movie. Dom and Pogi will happily play fetch for hours, I’m sure.

Dom and Pogi are good buddies now. They like to play together. I suppose I should say: Pogi likes to try and play with Dom; Dom is still learning what hands are. I tried to take some pictures of the two of them playing together the other day, but they kept on moving. I asked them to hold still, but nobody obeys mom in this household.


So then I switched to video. Much better.