browsing history

the ABCs (and Fs) of my browsing history

  1. Facebook
  2. Feedly
  3. Fidelity

ABCsTurns out, any one of these may be the top choice for the URL that populates when I type the letter, F, into my browser bar. It changes between these three depending on a few things: how sick I am of the spam in my Facebook feed, how much I dare to look at the stock market that week, or how much time I spend reading tech blogs at work.

Just for fun, here are the URLs that pull up based on each alphabet letter typed into my browser bar. This, my friends, is an interesting glimpse at my browsing history. Whoa. I can’t believe I’m about to share this! (For all my prime needs) (writing work) (keeping track of soooooo many work meetings) (family budgeting spreadsheets, writing work, my own writing) (I like their books for helping parents with sex ed) (at least, today) (writers’ group!) (we bought a house) (the house came with rooms inside, but no furniture)
jedediah morgan grant (because I searched for my ancestor recently) (local news, well, it’s KIND OF news) (duh, because it’s my blog) (checkin’ the email) (work) (writing work) (because everyone’s doin’ it) (um, I don’t even know… seriously, I don’t) (work, writing work, being dorky, news, and asking for help from the interwebs)* (writing work) (work, writing work, entertainment, and tracking my local politicians) (I miss soccer) (better than Verizon’s voicemail) (in case there’s a good deal) (for weekly laughs) (mostly for music while working, and of course, cat videos, because internet, duh) (I like looking at real estate)

So try it out. What websites come up as your “default” for each letter? Which one(s) surprised you?

*P.S. I finally put up the “reddit for dummies” article on my website, if you’re interested.