Blooming Lil’ Smokies

Getting up for work the morning after a four-day weekend is not a happy experience for me, but perhaps it was made most difficult by the headache that hit after 2:00 a.m. and kept me up until 4:00 a.m. Nah. Who needs more than four-ish hours of sleep? Especially after a weekend of BBQs, fireworks, and hot Mexican restaurants? Here for your reading pleasure is a list of the highlights from this weekend:

  • Mmm, crepes at my place followed by Hancock, which became a great movie the second Will Smith put on his tight leather superhero costume;
  • Sleeping in;
  • Swimming at Grumma’s where Jane, the three-year old who doesn’t have accidents, stands on the side of the pool with a confused look on her face and relieves herself – or as my brothers would say, voided;
  • Back at my place, Abe knocking on the bathroom door saying, “present for you Larrie Campbell,” – he drew me a picture, folded it and stamped it with my name/address stamp;
  • Multiple BBQs at my parents and a BBQ with some soccer friends;
  • Watching endless fountain fireworks with excited children and Mom let’s us know that “this is B. O. R. I. N. G.” while Annie, who surprise to no one, can spell, says, “Nuh uh”;
  • Soccer – no injuries, one goal and calories spent;
  • Sweating at La Frontera because the AC didn’t work, not because of the food;
  • Not watching a movie at Ster’s, as planned, but instead, being entertained by one crazy sister and the humorous chemistry of myself, Ster, Nays, Maren and Kelly;
  • People actually talking to me at church – SIX people to be exact;
  • And after talking about Nays’s bratwurst diet in Germany, remembering that I had this picture to share with the internet:

Maren\'s Weenies