The blessings of friends

This is just to say... I totally have a village around me to help Gabbi, Dom, Nathan, and me. Between visits, food, gifts, texts, emails, phone calls, and social media, I feel very loved and supported. If I tried to list off all of the help from friends and family, I would miss someone because, … Continue reading The blessings of friends


Little little man

Dom had his two year wellness check today. He's average height but we have a skinny fella on our hands, breaking the scales at the fourth percentile, 24 lbs. Protein shakes for breakfast. And we've officially moved on to underwear, cloth diapers will be going into storage. Much rejoicing.

Lights and home

The moon was bright and so big that Dom asked to hold it. It's our moon in this picture, because it's on our property. The only downside of a big, beautiful moon? It hides the stars. I think I'm due for a trip up a canyon to trace the constellations.