Happy Couple

Welcome to the decade of your 30s, husband of mine.

Nathan hit the big three-oh milestone and we celebrated by being sick together. Thankfully we are recovering and felt well enough to go out to dinner. This dinner was so fancy, I felt out of place wearing a slightly bulky sweater and still trotting around in maternity pants (they don’t quite fit but neither do my pre-pregnancy pants so we’re in the land of nothing-fits for a while).

Delectable would be an appropriate word for our dinner: elk carppaccio, bison steak, duck, maple crème brulee and goat cheese cake. We enjoyed a romantic evening at the Log Haven. They surprised us with a candle in the cheese cake—well done fancy pants restaurant, well done.


The best part was spending some time with my husband where neither of us were handing off a child to change a diaper. Thanks to Grandmer for taking our happy little Dom so we could enjoy the dinner together.

Back in 2010, on our very first date together (one of those super awesome blind dates), the conversation was superb. It included plenty of humor, delving questions, interesting commentary and even a bit of scholarly discussion. We are a nice mix of quirky, intelligent, and thoughtful folk.

After just over two years of marriage (and about half a year of dating), we still make for very interesting dinner conversations. We covered everything from siblings and their spouses, to what type of person Dom might become, to cooking and soccer. Our smorgasborg of chatting topics was as good as the fancy spread from the restaurant.

It was a great reminder that I married an incredible man. He makes me feel smart and funny, even when I really feel a bit foggy from the lingering sickness. Dom is a lucky child, I tell you!

Stay Away From Fiber One

Today, I was teleworking. I logged onto the network this morning, then went and poured a bowl of Fiber One cereal for breakfast.

Bad idea.

The worst.

Within a half an hour, I spent some quality time in the bathroom, ridding it from my system. I thought I could blame this one on pregnancy, but it seemed like I could blame it on breakfast. I emailed Nathan to see how he liked the cereal when he had a bowl earlier in the week.


He was sick that day.

Not funny actually.

So I am warning you: do not eat Fiber One cereal. It will not only make you gassy, but it will make you sick if you do not treat it like a misbehaving student and expel it right away.

You’ve been warned.

I will give the rest of our box to my arch nemesis and my next breakfast will be a bowl of Cinnamon Toasters instead. Mmm, cereal in a giant bag.

Do You Eat Your Spinach?

I shower every day. I always wear clean clothes.

I don’t always put on makeup or do much with my hair. It would seem that I’m not keen on trying to impress my coworkers with anything other than being clean.

Of course, back in my dating days, I would try a little harder on the days when I knew I was going to see Nathan. Or, I would take some makeup with me to work and put some on at some point in the day. Oh, and by saying “put on makeup” I really mean some face lotion and mascara. It’s women like me that keep Sephora in business (and yet I love that store, funny).

After getting married, you see your spouse and your spouse sees you at your best and worst so there’s no tricking them with some makeup. Nathan soon learned that I really don’t like to do my hair. I, of course, like how it looks when it’s done or curled or something along those lines. But, oh the effort. Sigh.


Thinking back on being pregnant, I realize that I have married a saint who still kisses me and tells me that he loves me even though he’s seen me plenty of times leaning over a toilet, dinner coming back up. Or he’s heard me attempt to breathe when sinuses are more clogged than the drain of my freshman dorm room. Turns out, when you can’t use Sudafed or the good nasal sprays, those nasal passages just won’t clear up. Or he doesn’t mind when his wife doesn’t necessarily act ladylike and—dare I admit this to all of the internet?!—pass gas. Gasp.

So last night, some of my dinner came out through my nose (surprise attack) and that stung for at least the next hour. Pleasant! Let me tell you: you have not lived life until you blow your nose and there is spinach on the tissue. Ha.

Anyway, we climbed into bed and Nathan put his arm around me and comforted me. I felt better even though physically I did not. I really appreciate this about him—that he always kisses me goodbye in the morning, kisses me hello after work and kisses me goodnight.

These things are good.

Spinach in your nose is not.

The Drama of Running Out of Milk

Too Light!

Sometimes you should have just stayed in bed.

Yesterday was, well, an ADVENTURE for the Elkinseseses.

The day started out nice and cheery: Nathan’s last day of summer and my regular teleworking day. I got out of bed, shuffled into the kitchen and started to pour a bowl of cereal.

But then I realized WE WERE OUT OF MILK.

Right then and there, I should have called my boss and called it a sick day.

But I chose to soldier on despite the MILK SHORTAGE. I decided this meant it was a McDonald’s breakfast kind of day and went to get Nathan up. I told him about our depressing lack of milk and we sighed together. We will settle. We will go to McDonald’s.

We dressed, we told Pogi to be good, we grabbed the car keys and I deliberately told my phone, “wait on the couch; I don’t need you right now.” Then we embarked on our quest across the street for hash browns. Only we had a minor snag as the door seem to stick as we were going out.

Perhaps it was also protesting the lack of milk. Or perhaps, it was a door with a really cheap doorknob that was going to get back at us for all of the times we scratched it trying to get the key in.

Off to McDonald’s.

I ordered a meal with a large orange juice, Nathan ordered pancakes and we rolled up to the window to pay.

“Crap, we don’t have MILK,” Nathan complained and asked the employee at the window to add that to his order. We paid, we got our food, we drove home. Nathan now had a very small bottle of milk.

We were home.

But we weren’t inside.

That was going to take us over an hour.

Who takes an hour to get inside their own home? Even if there isn’t any milk inside? Apparently, we do. Nathan unlocked the deadbolt, went to unlock the doorknob and he was DENIED. No jiggling, cursing, or slamming of shoulders against the door could get us inside. We stood around on our patio helpless while Pogi whined inside about how we didn’t have any milk.

We sat down on the patio furniture and ate our McDonald’s. What else were we to do? Then, while Nathan called my Mom to look up locksmith numbers (since my phone, which is the “smartphone” was sitting on the couch inside), I tried to open our door with a credit card. Turns out, I can’t break into my own home.

Eventually, our neighbor, who works for a locksmith company, walked over with his little boy strapped into his stroller and helped jimmy his way into our home. We learned that something in the lock in the doorknob was stuck and it was forever locked. We couldn’t shut our door or we would be locked inside. Oh the horrors! We still didn’t have any MILK.

Nathan took the doorknob out and we left the house with a hole in the door. We did lock the deadbolt and hoped that while we were out buying a new doorknob, no criminal with very tiny hands would stop by, reach in through the hole and unlock the deadbolt. At least he couldn’t steal any milk.

Wisdom Teeth

I’ve been thinking today about my senior year of high school when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I remember having to schedule it in between the end of a fall basketball league and before tryouts started for the high school team.  I
was a little worried about this because I needed to be in good shape for tryouts and didn’t look forward to taking a week off from activity. It was my senior year so I had to set the example of working hard for the younger girls. Or something.
Also, the day that I had my wisdom teeth removed was the same day we had to finalize the layout for the weekly school newspaper. I had to write up captions for pictures and get my layout finished for the sports section. So many worries in high school, ha.
Mom took Maren and I to the oral surgeon that morning. I remember asking the doc about my jaw that had hurt for the last year and finding out I had dislocated it…a year ago. Good one. Then, to sleep for surgery. As I woke up, I was climbing into the front seat of our van and Mom was helping Maren lie down on the first bench behind me. On the way home she bled all over a t-shirt under her cheek. Later that day, I went to school so I could get my stuff done for the paper. Maren was in bed feeling nauseous.
We went to a movie that night and I snuck some popcorn. Don’t tell the surgeon. We went to Nielsen’s for custard after and I ordered a cookie dough shake.
I’m not sure why I remember all of those random details but I was lucky to have a pretty easy recovery.
Today, in fact right this moment, I am sitting in a waiting room while Nathan is getting two of his wisdom teeth removed (his other two were removed when he was a teenager). Reading over the post op info, I realize that this is crappy for him: bleeding, swelling, pain killers, ice packs and a liquid diet. How jealous are you?
What was it like when you got your wisdom teeth out?

The Easter Bunny’s Demise

In case you were wondering, the Easter Bunny lost his head. That’s my proof that I took with my cell phone.

Here’s the news story proof: Easter Bunny Loses His Head on Live TV.

Must have been terrifying for the kids that witnessed it. Did the Easter Bunny visit you this year?

Nathan and I had a relaxed Easter Sunday, going to church, taking an afternoon nap, then dinner at my parents and singing happy birthday to nephew, Abe. Our home teacher did give us a peppermint patty at church, so we did get some chocolate. Turns out, I’m not the best at remembering to do something for Nathan such as put together an Easter basket.

Do people do that when they don’t have kids yet?

We did go to church. That, I feel is a very important part of Easter, even though we go every week. I really enjoyed the talks shared in the meeting, in particular, Brother Sowards sharing scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon talking about Jesus Christ. He asked us, as he read them, to think about, “What think ye of Jesus?” It was a good Sunday.

Talking About Food Burns Calories

Nathan is falling asleep on the floor.

Our little PC attached to our TV is playing through our music library, currently on “C’est Trop Beau” by Tino Rossi.

It’s dinner time. I need to wake up my husband to go pick something up tonight because we didn’t get around to buying fish. You have to buy fish the day you eat it. Otherwise, Mrs. Larrie does not like it. Fishy fish. Gross.

Even though I am hungry and I should wake Nathan up to go get food, I wanted to take the time to tell you something, though. Are you excited? You should be. I mean, this is really exciting, right? It has to do with food. Not cravings. Just to be clear.

Okay, have you braced yourself?

On the edge of your seat?

You’re not. Well, get there already.

Okay, now that I’ve hyped things up for several lines, are you ready for this? It’s actually not a big deal at all.

As it turns out, “chefguapo” was still available on wordpress so we grabbed it up. Okay, more correctly, I snatched it up. Nathan doesn’t actually call HIMSELF guapo. So my announcement is this: we (meaning me, mostly) set up a blog, Nathan’s Delectable Dinners, just for the sake of sharing pictures of the food that we eat, prepared by Chef Guapo. Be jealous.

That is all. What are you having for dinner tonight?

2011: The Year of The Dictator

I’ve thought about writing a Larrie’s-year-in-review post since sometime in mid-December but nothing seemed to materialize.

Sure you could blame that on me not attempting to write it. Apparently, words don’t just appear all by themselves. Shucks.

At one point, I tried pulling out my Google Calendar to review all of the happenings in my life the last year. I mostly saw work meetings. Yawn. Turns out, I don’t necessarily update my calendar with the GOOD stuff.

But, I realized today why I haven’t really wanted to sum up my year for you: how can it compare to what happened worldwide?

  • U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords survived being shot in the head
  • Tunisian government dissolved
  • Mubarek steps down as President of Egypt
  • Serious earthquake in Christchurch, NZ
  • Rebecca Black—need I say more?
  • Japan’s terrible earthquake and nuclear plant disaster
  • All-night TV broadcasts of the Royal Wedding
  • Twitter breaks the news about Osama bin Laden’s death
  • Rapture: did you miss the end of the world?
  • Disastrous tornado in Joplin, Missouri
  • Vancouver riots over the Stanley Cup
  • Final space shuttle mission for NASA
  • Japan wins the Woman’s World Cup!
  • Riots in UK, not over hockey, but spread through Blackberry Messenger
  • Virginia earthquake even shakes up New Yorkers
  • Gaddafi captured in Libya and eventually killed
  • Ten years after 9/11
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Iran releases US hikers imprisoned for two years
  • Saudi women won the right to vote (but not drive)
  • Steve Jobs died
  • End of the Iraq War
  • 7 billion people on this planet
  • Kim Jong Il Dead

How can I compete with that? Real things are happening, like earthquakes, tornados, riots, the deaths of dictators, and the victory of the little Japanese women over the cocky American women in the World cup.

How about, instead, I simply copy the twitter hashtag: #2011in4words. In only four words, sum up the year 2011. How would you describe the last year? Here’s mine:

Time spent with Nathan.

Christmas Time is Here!

This is just to say…

  • Christmas treats are delicious
  • Too bad it won’t be a white Christmas here
  • But we should have blue skies, no inversion 🙂
  • We finally put up decorations and our tree this week
  • Pogi has not eaten the tree or even knocked off one ornament (yet)
  • Lots of time with family (even though we really miss fam in Texas)
  • Cross your fingers that my fantasy team manages to pull off a championship (it’s close)
  • Time off of work, hip hip pooray!
  • And lots of time to spend with Nathan, thanks to holiday vacation time!

What’s on your list?