trying to overcome my blog burnout


I haven’t posted here for nearing three months.

That’s not to say that I haven’t written. Oh, I’ve written. I’ve written blogs and blogs. Blogs upon blogs. At least, it feels like oodles of blogs. It’s content that may not entice you. Would you read an article on how VPNs protect you from DDoS or the 7 benefits of open-source software?

I’m experiencing blog burnout, it seems.

I spend my blogging energy on articles such as those mentioned above and neglect this poor blog.

I read an article on Harvard Business Review about bracing yourself to deal with burnout better. From that, I personalized their suggestions and made them apply to me and this here blog. I only snagged a few of them as half of it wasn’t applicable to me. Here you go:

  • Don’t make these blog posts more than they have to be. I often avoid posting or finalizing or even starting a post unless I have an idea of a doodle to go with it as well. Posts need images, right? I mean, every post I write for the above mentioned small businesses have stock photos to go right along with them and, come on, people: we’ve all seen Pinterest and it’s image-driven content. How will people ever share my superb writing if I don’t make a pinterestable graphic to accompany it?
  • Figure out where to go to ask for help. I spend a lot of time perusing Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and specific news sites to find ideas for content for paid blogs. I don’t spend time searching for content for this blog. I don’t know where to go to find it. In the past, it simply came from living my life. That doesn’t seem to inspire me lately. Where should I look?
  • Share other content. Sometimes, coming up with my own, individual spin on something feels too tiring after all of the hours spent writing marketable content. I want to write for ME but there usually isn’t time. I do come across cool stuff, though, that I often share on Twitter. (Look, if you don’t follow me there, I’m not gonna lie: you’re missing out on some good stuff. Seriously, yo.) Perhaps I should start sharing those here, too?

So this became a rambling, thinking-out-loud kind of post about how to breathe some life back into my blog. I haven’t figured it out yet. Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “trying to overcome my blog burnout

  1. Well, since essentially no one has a functioning personal blog any more, it seems like the consensus is that blogs are dead. I mean, I have one of the most functional blogs of anyone I know anymore, and that means I’ve posted a whopping 12 times this year which have 499 views and 4 comments. None of those are very inspiring numbers. Facebook, twitter and instagram have won. For me the issue is that I don’t have any content that’s going to drive any traffic, and if no one is going to look at it, why bother writing it? In a world where everything is on the internet, there is almost assuredly someone out there who has already posted any piece of information I might know, and in more detail that I would express it. The only exception is that I am the world’s leading authority on myself, but from all the feedback I’ve received, demand for information about my life is very low. But I still bother to blog occasionally. Why? I consider my blog audience to be only myself, and I do refer back to my lists of books that I’ve read on an intermittent basis. (I wonder how many of the 499 visits are me?) Also, I’ve spent a fair amount of time at work in the last year being very, very bored. So there are my thoughts, which are, undoubtedly not helpful in any way. 😉


  2. I like it when my friends blog about their real thoughts and actual daily experiences. I like it when you blog.


  3. I think Clark is right. To me, blogs seem more oriented to personal journaling with or without an audience with more intimate followers. I used to have a movie review blog, book review blog, political blog, public personal blog, and a private personal blog. Over time I shut down the first three. I rarely post to the public personal blog, and post most often to the blog that’s just for me. For awhile I thought the “Note” feature in FB would replace blogging, but it hasn’t. Honestly,most people seem to be following the short message format. I think you should write in your blog when you have the impulse to do so. I’ll always see it because my reader flags it for me. But don’t stop writing. Maybe focus on other venues. But DO write.


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