I want to be more positive. I want to be less critical. I want to be more content. I want to be less envious. I want to be more giving, less self-centered, more present, less distracted, happier, and someone I would want to be around. So I’m dubbing this my year of beautiful.
I thought about this while washing dishes the other night. I do have a concern and it’s that I’ll come off like the “perfect little Pinterest mom” who seriously is seriously so blessed. If I’m constantly posting the beautiful things I find, I’m constantly bombarding you with So. Much. OMGawsh. Amazing!

I hope I don’t.

My life is not perfect. I know. And I mean, I KNOW. I’m my worst critic. If being critical was a talent, I’d be in the running for America’s Best. I mean, I can still tell you about my last basketball game, senior year of high school, state playoffs, and I can describe the specific turnover I had just before the half court line and the time I didn’t box out and my player had an offensive rebound and scored. I remember my mistakes.

And I know I’m overly critical of others. This, obviously, is not conducive to flowing relationships. Bad Larrie.

So this year, I will focus on what is beautiful. For me, I expect the learning curve to be steep. I’m really going to try, though. So watch out for my excessive use of my hashtag. Or join in, if you feel so inclined. It is more fun to do things in groups, anyway.

To start my Year of Beautiful, these are my three goals (coming from the self-determination theory if you’ve heard of it):

  1. I will FEEL more competent at what I do
  2. I will live authentically
  3. I will strengthen my connection with others

What a beautiful list. Why thanks!


9 thoughts on “#yearofbeautiful

  1. I usually don’t comment on your blogs, though I do read every single one of them.

    Firstly (a word that should be used more often–first is just so obvious), I think we can always focus more on the beautiful, which is something that you do very well with Dom and Gabbi. There is no shortage of smiles you give our children, and you see the very best in them all the time.

    I told you I didn’t make a resolution this year, probably because I don’t know that I’ve ever felt the need to make a new year’s resolution because I am constantly thinking of ways to improve. We all have faults, and you know better than anyone that I have many. I’ll feel like one of my strengths is my ability to remove my own emotions and pride from self-reflection and see my faults for what they are; unfortunately, one of my faults is that I’m not very good at fixing them. Don’t ask why. I’m not really sure. It’s like comma splicing, I just really enjoy doing it because it makes so much sense. (Who invented the comma splice rule anyway? Certainly not James Joyce, that man did whatever he felt like and got applauded for it; he was like the Florence Foster Jenkins of writing.) I see you as someone who is able to recognize your challenges and then actually do something about them. Very opposite of me.

    Secondly (because the previous paragraph didn’t count as second), I will do my best to be better and do better. I married you for a lot of reasons, but certainly at the top of the list was the simple fact that you make me want to be a better person. I dated many people before you that were wonderful, but you actually made me want to be better and do better. That’s gotta be worth something, right?

    BTDubs: add this to you hashtag list, because it needs to happen, #makethricegreatagain


  2. Item #1 strikes a chord with me. I rarely feel competent at what I do, but I think that would bring a lot of joy. The big question: how does one do that? Maybe I have to BE competent first… You can see where this cycle is going.

    I can’t wait for all the hashtagging.


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