I appreciated my teachers in sketches

Happy teacher appreciation day. For blog posts about this, I would suspect the common theme would be similar to the tweet that Obama posted, thanking his 5th grade teacher.

I had some pretty amazing teachers and I could rattle off a list of them with stories about how they impacted me. Could you? Could you rattle off the teachers that impacted MY life and the stories about WHY? Just wondering how well you really know me, internet.

high-school-teacher-sketchesInstead, I am going to share this doodle with you. Well, several doodles, really. I doodled them my senior year of high school, in one of my journals. I doodled them in pencil so they don’t scan well, but I took this little tool called Photoshop and adjusted the contrast so that you could see these teachers of mine a little better. Okay, so here’s the question for you. If you went to high school with me, can you tell who these teachers are? Clearly, my tiny caricatures are chock full of details. Chock. Full.

Do you want to know something that no teacher EVER taught me, in ALL OF MY LIFE?

The word, chock.

Seriously: what does that word mean?!


Here’s a chock for you. I drew it very quickly. With a pen. Not a pencil, like in high school. I’m a sophisticated doodler now, drawing with permanence. I live on the edge!



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