mom jeans and muffin tops

muffin-topBefore I had kids, before I was married, back when I made lots of time for working out, I had a health assessment done through our wellness fair at work. The doc requested to sit down with me and discuss an area of concern.

I was lifting weights three times a week, I attended the daily, 15-minute workout classes at work, I played on at least two soccer teams, and I met up with friends to play basketball and volleyball in the church gym twice a week. All of this because: single, late 20s, living in Utah.

BUT, I had unhealthy belly fat.

Robin (the doc/PA) laughed at me and told me that she had this same thing—Robin, the healthy PA, who taught yoga classes on the side. She and I both had unhealthy hip-to-waist ratios. She at least had the excuse of having born and raised children.

Okay, so I’m not very curvy and when I put on weight, it goes to my belly and love handles first. It’s an endearing trait.

Now, post two kids, it’s the most endearing!

I saw this article online: 11 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat.

Based on that article, I can decidedly tell you that there are 5 reasons why I will not be losing my belly fat.

  1. I am not getting younger. Goodbye, high metabolic rate.
  2. All of the oreos that I’m eating are filling my body with inflammation.
  3. I like meat.
  4. Diastasis recti.
  5. No sleep… because children.

This morning, I considered quitting sugar. And then I went and bought a Dr. Pepper and sugar cookie. My willpower is mighty.

3 thoughts on “mom jeans and muffin tops

  1. I tried quitting sugar for about 2 weeks. It wasn’t so bad if I had substitutes ready like nuts and chopped up veggies. Planning ahead is definitely key.


  2. I hear you! I’m in the same boat! It’s not easy! I’ve been trying to lose mine as well! Check out my post regarding the same topic at


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