Daily spousal emails and what to say

nappingNot long after Dom was born, I asked Nathan if he could touch base with me during our work days.

I was reading a good book: Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five. The parents’ relationship helps baby’s brain so it’s important that it’s a good relationship. One pointer for this was to touch base throughout the day.

Eventually, we settled on a daily email.

I looked forward to Nathan’s emails. Sometimes, it reminded me of our days a courtin’ when we emailed often. Between our first and second dates, we emailed 30-pages worth of witty commentary. This is what happens when two English majors that use modern technology come together.

While I was working, there was always new fodder for my email message to Nathan: office politics, Pilates classes, team lunches, department meetings, programmer gossip, visiting deer, and leaky walls during rainstorms.

But what do I write about now? The days have become routine:

Get up, breakfast
Morning nap
Get Dom from preschool, lunch
Afternoon nap
Play, make dinner, dinner
Time for bed

I usually email Nathan in the afternoon and all I have to say is: Gabbi took her nap, we went and got Dom, we ate lunch, we played, they are now in their rooms. Sometimes there’s a minor variation wherein I inform him that Gabbi took a poor morning nap.

How do you inject a little excitement into the home-body life of a child with two naps?

“Let me tell you about the poop I changed today!…”


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