Taking diet coke breaks

I submitted my resignation letter, people. This is really happening. After over a decade with the same company, I am telling them THANK YOU AND GOODBYE, and staying home with my favorite son and favorite daughter.

When I wrote the email to my current boss to coordinate a meeting with her, it hit me. This is LEGIT. This has been 21,000 hours of life. TWENTY. ONE. THOUSAND.

That’s a lot of time.

That’s a lot of memories.

So that’s what I’m going to blog about, in installments, for a week or so. Here’s the first:

diet_coke_tinDiet Coke Breaks

My first job was the IT secretary. When I went to New Employee Orientation, I was blown away by the following:

  1. I now had amazing health insurance: low premiums, good choice of providers, and an onsite clinic for FREE.
  2. If I stuck around for FIVE years, I would be fully vested in a pension retirement account. FIVE years. Seemed like forever.
  3. I would open my first retirement account and start saving for the future.
  4. I would get PAID VACATIONS.
  5. They had subsidized vending machines where water and diet sodas were cheaper.
  6. They had an onsite grill that tasted delicious. For the first week.
  7. They had an onsite gym. I didn’t have any muscles. Yet.

I spent my days taking notes in meetings, filing paperwork, ordering office supplies, and making occasional updates to an internal department website. It was glamorous. Or it was rather dull. The people made it glamorous.

Janet happened to be one of those people. She was software support. At the time, it was only her and Jason.

We started a friendship, much of it through IM. She was cleverer than I, but I tried to keep up. In the afternoons, when the filing was done, the meeting minutes typed up, and nobody needed me to buy more sticky notes, we took a break.

Bill__diet_CokeDiet Coke break.

I didn’t drink Diet Coke. I drank Dr. Pepper.

But remember the subsidized vending machines? Diet Coke was 25 cents cheaper. No Diet Dr. Pepper for sale.

I became a Diet Coke drinker.

Each afternoon we would walk downstairs to the break room, buy a cold bottle of diet, walk back up the stairs, and take a seat on the couch on the third floor. We sat under the clock and watched as about 15 minutes ticked by. Coworkers would walk by. They always commented.

We looked like such hard workers. Apparently.

Eventually, Janet moved on to another company, working a better, more demanding job, and I said goodbye to my life as a Diet Coke drinker.

Today: I drink Dr. Pepper, full sugar.

3 thoughts on “Taking diet coke breaks

  1. Wow Larrie! This is HUUUGGEEE! as the donald would say. But i’m not smirking like i would if he were saying it. I have had a sense of deja vous as i’ve read your posts because in my pre-flight attendant days i worked in a place that your posts always remind me of. good times. I’m so happy for #FB and #FG to have you FT! ox


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