I’m the mom; I am not in charge

Gabbi-the-boss10 clues I know that Gabbi’s in charge here:

  1. My clothes don’t fit and she has a basket full of adorable outfits in her size, plus another bin in the next size, and the next, and the next…
  2. She sleeps 20 hours and I try to remember not to check my sleep logged by my fitness tracker
  3. She demands I change her poops immediately, then waits until the diaper is off to poop more
  4. She cries and I leak
  5. She gets both me and her dad out of bed at 3AM
  6. She starts to doze off mid afternoon so I set her down to write something, and “pick me up again!”

Can’t finish. Somebody wants to be picked up.


4 thoughts on “I’m the mom; I am not in charge

  1. haha sounds about right. I remember those days well. Actually, that’s a lie. I hardly remember any of it. It’s a wonder we all made it through given that I was about as sagacious as a hamster at the time.


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