Showering in the dark

shower-in-the-darkThe day started off, well, wrong.

My phone is my alarm and I heard it go off but let it ring because if I don’t dismiss it, it will snooze itself. I thought, “I’ll get up the next time it goes off.” For some reason, it didn’t snooze, but dismissed itself instead.

Nathan woke me up at 7:15 letting me know that he had to leave in 15 minutes. I was mad at my alarm.

I rolled out of bed.

Or maybe I tumbled.

Or I grunted.

Or I strained.

However I did it, I somehow managed to get out of bed, 39 weeks pregnant.

And then… the power went out. The bathroom light shut off. I glanced at the alarm clock (which I obviously don’t use) on the dresser across the room. It was dark. I looked over at the TV and the red light in the front was fading away into nothingness.

I wondered if a fuse blew for some reason.

I wandered upstairs to see if Nathan had power. Nope.

Back downstairs again and into the bathroom, I was reminded that our bathroom doesn’t have a window. The shower was very dark, and in the dark, it seemed much smaller.

We have candles.


There is a flashlight in the storage room.


For the record, Dom and I still managed to leave the house at 8:00 am this morning. I didn’t wash my hair (since I wouldn’t have been able to blow dry it) and I didn’t do makeup in the dark. Dom helped hold the flashlight while I got dressed. My clothes match well enough.

We were briefly stymied, however, by the garage. Turns out, automatic garage doors are not the best when you don’t have power. There’s gotta be a manual option somehow, but I don’t know it. Dom fixed things, though. After I tried the button a few times, because silly me, I thought it might somehow have a last surge of power saved just for a few minutes, Dom then asked me to hand him the button. He pushed it and the door went up.

It was good timing for the power to turn back on. The car was free and we were off to another excellent day of work, just waiting for this baby to decide to show up already.

3 thoughts on “Showering in the dark

  1. Time to put an emergency power outage kit together. to go with your emergency food storage. but if you haven’t put the “heading to deliver a baby” bag together, i’d do that one first! So glad you made it. #winning #excessivelyimpressiveconsidering


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