The death of LOL – because data can’t lie

I have never been a fan of LOL and I simply don’t use it. I stick to haha. And if I find it really funny, I go all out with hahahahahahahahaha.

I even blogged several times in the past about my distaste of LOL:

Well, did you hear the news today? I mean, this is the late, breaking stuff, people! Facebook researched it and has announced, with pretty pictures of data, that LOL is past its prime. Woot!

So, if you’re still using it, you better get with the times, my friend.

Here’s the simple pie chart:


The vast majority of us, according to the all-knowing web presence that Facebook is, are haha-ers. Next up are those that love the emoji. I don’t use this much because I have Google keyboard on my android and it either doesn’t support emoji or I haven’t enabled that somewhere. The semi-colon/parenthesis makes do when I need. 🙂

They posted more data charts on the site, but I’ll just share one more of them. I like it because it shows that Utah stands out as having ditched the LOL entirely (or enough to be near 0%). Good job, state o’ mine.

It’s good to laugh and with that in mind, let’s just finish this little post off with a joke:

A guy gets on a bus with a pocket full of golf balls, sits next to a blonde and she stares at his pants. After several minutes of her staring, he looks over at her to explain.

“Golf balls,” he says.

“What? She asks.

“It’s golf balls,” he repeats.

“Oh,” she says. “Does it hurt as much as tennis elbow?”


3 thoughts on “The death of LOL – because data can’t lie

  1. Hahahaha! Good joke. The only person I know who still uses LOL is my mother-in-law. She thinks it means “lots of love.” So she posts it at very inappropriate times, such as when someone announces they have cancer.


  2. I am proud to say I’ve never LOL’d. (Although now that I think about it, I may have LOL’d out loud…) But I did like that joke.

    I hope you get to be not-pregnant soon.


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