keep your boobs over the ball!

696px-We_Can_Do_It!I heard a coach yell, “Keep your boobs over the ball!” at a girl on my soccer team after she booted the ball sky high instead of keeping it down and aimed at the goal. We all chuckled. And, we loved it. Our coach was a woman. For this team full of late-teen, early-twenties women, it became our battle cry. Or we just liked it and yelled it at each other when we had the chance. The visual was great and did more for improving shots on goal than previous things we’d heard such as “lean over”.

Lean over sounds so boring. And makes me think I’m trying not to spill in my lap at the dinner table.

“Keep your boobs over the ball.”

To me, this phrase represents girl power.

Maybe you think that’s odd.

It works for me. It represents women playing sports, cheering each other on, using their bodies to excel, and being proud of their bodies.

So, turns out, we’re expecting a baby girl.

In my mind, I always imagined myself as a mother of boys. I was surprised when I found out we were NOT having another boy for #2. As my pregnancy nears its end (yay!) and we get closer and closer to meeting baby sister, I have noticed that I’m feeling more and more concerned about girl power.

I grew up in a family with strong women. One grandmother had a master’s from Columbia. Another grandmother was a single, working mother who sent all four kids on to college. My own mother is a renowned violinist who has played in multiple symphonies, studied in London, recorded on hundreds of CDs and now volunteers (for free, people) as the concertmaster as the Orchestra of Temple Square. Oh yeah, and she raised 7 kids. And the Columbia-mastered grandma? She raised 10 (two that weren’t her own by birth).

Those are just the immediate women relatives above me on the family tree. I won’t take time to mention the strengths and accomplishments of cousins, aunts, sisters, etc. And that’s only my family by birth. By marriage, myriad more strong women are added.

Baby sister is joining a girl-power family.

We are athletes. We are musicians. We are artists. We are educated. We are hard-working. We are mothers. We are beautiful. We are kind. We have boobs.

No what to name this, obviously, strong, baby sister?


  1. baby naming is such a huge responsibility. I felt like we were guided to the names we gave our kids. not that they couldn’t have been any number of other moniker’d people, but the spirit did settle upon me when it was decided. you’ll know what she should be called. and if you want to name her after me, she’d be the first, haha 😉


  2. I had a whole list of girl names and was at a loss when we found out we were having a boy so I have ideas if you want them 🙂


  3. Have you tried looking at Viking women names? 🙂 We were looking for a name that meant strength or power or something like that because of the tough road our baby girl has coming her way. I googled strength and baby names and came up with a big list of Viking names. None of them stuck with us but they might for you.


  4. If one of my kids had turned out to be a girl, they would have been named Aria. Whatever you decide to name her, this girl sure has a lot of amazing people with boobs to look up to. Not that she’ll be looking up to the boobs, necessarily. To the people, I mean. You know. Girl power!


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