31 weeks accomplished

I am 31 weeks today. People ask me how many months pregnant. I dunno, people. How many months is 40 weeks? I’m 9 weeks shy of that.

Here’s what I know so far with this pregnancy:

  • I am not a happy, pregnant person. I am often told this.
  • The nausea is more manageable this week.
  • I came down with a cold and now have the cough that won’t go away. Fun.
  • Heart burn is evil.
  • My sciatica is bettah, thanks to stability ball, chiropractor, and/or physical therapy.
  • At my next appointment, they will check to see if this baby is breech like her brother.
  • She better not be.
  • I had a long conversation with my midwife about VBAC.
  • We talked about hospital policies, her backup, comparisons with the U, etc.
  • I am happy with my midwife.
  • I am ready to be done.
  • I am in fear of the sleep deprivation of a newborn.

Nine more weeks, people.

One comment

  1. That’s awesome that the balance ball is helping. I used one a lot with my last pregnancy…hard to tell for sure that it helped but it seemed to. Hopefully this new baby knows what’s up (her bum, hopefully) and it stays there. Your midwife might be able to teach you how to feel and see her position for yourself too. I never got a knack for it with Locke but with Fox it got pretty easy in the last 6-8 weeks to figure out where everything was.


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