30 weeks = tired

Besides being 30 weeks pregnant… Or BECAUSE I’m 30 weeks pregnant, these things make me tired:
1. The cough that won’t go away
2. The weeds in the garden
3. Too much sunshine
4. Little workouts
5. Walking up the hill to the other building at work
6. Meetings
7. Preparing for adjustments/changes at work I have to deal with next month
8. Writing stuff for a second job
9. Convincing an opinionated and silly toddler to go to bed
10. Driving to and from work in the warmer weather

It’s nice to finally sit down in the evenings and watch the sun set over the lake.



One comment

  1. Oh my dearest Larrie, you are 75% there. But I know, the last 25% is a killer. You deserve a massage and a tiara. Bless you.


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