here’s how our garden grows


We gardened. Finally. And the outcome makes me happy. The best visual outcome so far is The Herb Wall.


One day, we will repaint our patio. Until then, we will use some of the vertical space for growing herbs. Nathan tucked them in behind the raspberry bushes. One day, we will also get cool stepping stones leading up to them. For now, there’s a rubber mat. Crafty!

The construction was super easy. I found these clips on Amazon: Flower Pot Klips. I put them on my wishlist some time back and then they went out of stock, so I was saddened. One day, I stopped back into Amazon to find, they were back! I bought them. I bought them and they aren’t even “Prime-able”. Ever since joining Amazon Prime, I pretty much only shop Prime eligible items, but I ponied up for the shipping and submitted my order. I am happy with the transaction.

You can see one of the clips in the wall just above Nathan in the picture below. Once we marked out where to screw them in, he had them installed within a few minutes. I used some acrylic paint on the pots to label which herbs grew where, nothing fancy, just some black paint. Once filled with dirt and the herbs, up onto the wall they went. Boom. Done! Looks great, though, right?


We also set up the veggie boxes. I should have taken a picture of their terrifying state filled with towering weeds, but when I was digging those out, it was in the rain. (BTW, weeding in the rain is much easier than with dry soil so take advantage!) Between the weeds and digging out the top several inches of weedy soil, I filled up both of our garbage cans. Thankfully, the garbage truck still accepted them in spite of their weight.

We bought tomatoes, different peppers, two types of eggplants, marigolds, and basil from Smith’s Marketplace. After filling the boxes with replacement soil, in the plants went and then the hard part: adding the Wall-o-waters. These little greenhouses protect tomatoes from the cold. We have six of them from last year, but only bought four tomato plants this year. It’s rather exhausting to fill them up because it’s AWKWARD. But now they’re up and the only thing to remember is to pull them off before the plants get too big (so we can save them for many more years).


Both Dom and Pogi were our gardening helpers. Dom spent much of his time hunting worms, which he tossed into the composter. Pogi spent his time eating grass and being afraid of the hummingbirds that buzzed him. And yes, our cat is on a leash. We are those people.


peas-homemade-trellisesAnd on a last note, this wasn’t done this weekend, but it’s part of our garden so let me share! We planted peas weeks ago. Dom helped me and then helped water them and was excited to see them grow. As they got taller, I kept thinking that I needed to buy something for them to climb up.

Or I could make something. Oooo. Novel.

I realized there are these bamboo bushes (what are they really? dunno) growing on both sides of the pea section. I took some loppers, cut off some of the thicker bamboo branches and made a couple of trellises for the peas. One trellis was made with fishing line because I couldn’t find our string. Then, I bought some twine and made the second one. The twine was far easier to tie up, so don’t do what I did: stay away from fishing line. Just use fishing line to scare away deer.

Grow, peas, grow.

We’ve also planted a bunch of other seeds, some are slowly growing, others, not so much. Maybe, just maybe, we will eventually have: lettuce, chard, kale, carrots and kholrabi.

How does your garden grow?


  1. I wouldn’t hold out too long for the lettuce. It’s more of a cold weather plant. We’ve got some and it can’t take the heat in May, it gets all droopy and limp when it’s warm out. It’s doing a little better in the shade but I’m worried for when it actually gets hot.


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