Sitting on a stability ball at work

stabilityballPregnancy is not a kind thing. For me, pregnancy means nausea, vomiting, rhinitis, headaches, back pain, and absurd dreams.


Last night, I dreamt that one of the teams of developers had set up beds by all of their desks and everybody was curled up under their blankets when I went in there looking for their Business Analyst. Oh, and they’d brought back our technical writer that retired a couple of years ago so that she could participate in their daily nap.


My latest pregnancy joy has been pain down my right leg. At times, I can’t lift it well to walk down the hall. Dom will say, “get me, momma, get me,” as he runs away, looking over his shoulder. Yeah, kid. I can’t get ya, sorry.

I’ve tried things to improve the situation: pilates, stretches, foam roller, swimming, asking doctors. I went to a chiropractor on Monday and actually had a good day. Unfortunately, when I rolled out of bed on Tuesday morning, it was back. “Did you miss me?” the pain asked.

I did not.

I brought a large, black, stability ball to work. It just barely fit through the door. I brought it into my team room, carried it to my desk, and pushed the expensive, ergonomic office chair back against the wall. I plopped my rear down onto the ball to work, work, work.

Paul is the developer sitting next to me. His daughters are older than I am. He works much of the day with his headphones on, opting out of some of the conversations with the rest of us, working in a team room full of six team members. Shortly after bringing in my ball, he pulled his headphones off and turned to me, “do you think you’ll make your baby seasick?”

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.

Sitting still on a giant bouncy ball? Not my forte.

Good thing it’s a strong ball and won’t pop.

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