Why I could never write a book on potty training

Dom_runningI have no clue how we potty trained Dom. Maybe Pogi is responsible.

Know what’s tough about potty training early, though? (Don’t hate me for saying this… first world problem here.) Finding pants that fit his tiny butt. Without the bulk of his cloth diapers, that kid has no rear and pants just slide right off. It makes it easy for him to get his pants off to use the potty, but it doesn’t make for an easy time running around the playground.

I wonder if he’ll throw his back out because whenever he runs around, he reaches around with his left hand and grabs his pants to keep them up.

We love pants that cinch up tiny, tiny to fit around his waist. We look for pants that might fit around my wrist. That seems about right: his waist, my wrist, the same.

Clearly, I have high expectations for baby girl when she’s 22 months old one day. If she’s still pooping her pants, I might end up being that mom who says, “Why can’t you be more like your brother?”


One comment

  1. Yay for children who potty train themselves mysteriously early! My people like the elastic waist pants for snugness, comfort, and ease. They’re not the coolest, but they stay put.


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