bits and pieces of my memoir


  • Falling asleep in sales school
  • Knocking on the door of my first dairy farm
  • Warned by customer about armed neighbors
  • Listening to country music (so as not to taint the “good” music)
  • Finding a family living in a trailer in their Grandma’s backyard
  • Trying to make a sale in Spanish
  • Men hanging around outside around their fires in barrels
  • The farm house that reeked of body fluids—many kids and pets
  • Sleeping the night at a rest stop
  • Taking a day trip to Gettysburg
  • Ambyr’s tire blowing on the freeway
  • My car battery dying late one night an hour away from home
  • Throwing up my midnight Taco Bell food
  • The Marion trailer court where they invited me to play volleyball with them
  • Getting called back to the house of a schizophrenic that changed her order
  • The turtle hanging out in the middle of the road
  • That “rich” family with the double wide
  • The van skeleton that remained after a car fire
  • The actually-rich family that told me no because they needed to save for their Alaska vacation
  • The robin that attacked me when I walked underneath her nest
  • The wasps that flew down my shirt when I opened a screen door
  • Stopping at the library to go inside and read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for comfort
  • Always using the Sheet’s bathrooms because their soap smelled the best
  • Sent away to Delaware for a week for emotional recovery

This is like a writing to-do list for me: develop, recreate, and show how all of these experiences went down the summer I wandered around Chambersburg, PA, selling books door-to-door. The list goes on and on and on, but those are a few. I need to get writing about them.




  1. I cannot wait. I especially want to know about stopping at the library for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and the banishment to Delaware.


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