Happier than a magpie with fast-food trash

positivepsychologyI went to a writer’s conference last week. It was a beautiful thing. It was also a hard thing. It was a hard thing because I am pregnant. Nausea and ANYTHING just don’t mix well. Throw in a headache for good measure and the lack of pain-killer options for pregnant women and it was the perfect little storm for me during my stay in Midway.

And yet, I loved it.

Physically, it would have been terrible, between the nausea, headache, and the nature of being at a conference filled with sitting.

Emotionally, it was far from terrible. At the end of the conference, Hilary Weeks, gave a keynote message in which she mentioned a theory that I had never heard of: the broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions. Basically, if we are experiencing life with positive emotions, we are more likely to broaden our experiences by seeking more creative, flexible, and unpredictable ways to experience life, and then build on that because these new experiences create more real, more lasting connections.

In spite of the physical poopiness I was experiencing, my emotions were positive thanks to my excitement for the conference, the friends that I went with, the faculty teaching, and the new friends I made.

And then I came back to work today.


  1. You were a brave little soldier the whole weekend. Loved spending three days with you, even though you felt super sick. I want to work on the positive thoughts thing, too. Happy clicks.


  2. Reading this was a really visceral reminder of how it really felt to be smack in the middle of pregnancy and still having to function like a normal person. It really is a wonder that we’re ever able to summon the courage to voluntarily get pregnant. that conference sounds like it was really cool. I like that broaden-and-build theory when it comes to positive emotions.


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