you know you’re a working mom when…

  1. workingMom_textYou save your vacation/sick days for somebody else’s sick days
  2. You have old, dusty binkies in your laptop bag and car
  3. Your schedule lists the daycare Easter egg hunt in between department meetings
  4. You feel guilty about working, but nervous about the thought of not working
  5. You’re late to work because somebody really had to pee and you had to find a clean-enough bathroom on the commute in
  6. Your house is always messy
  7. You have multiple meetings on your calendar marked private, named “pumping”
  8. Everything is scheduled for the weekend and nothing happens
  9. You use lunch breaks for workouts because evenings would make you feel more guilty going from one daycare to the gym daycare
  10. You can use the daycare closing time as an excuse for not ever staying very late at work
  11. Your shoulder has dried snot on it and you don’t care
  12. You get up and leave halfway through a meeting to make the pumping time
  13. Your white board has scribble art taped to it
  14. Your kid shows up to daycare with a yogurt moustache
  15. You show up to work with a yogurt moustache



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