A vision statement for this working mom’s blog

I haven’t been a diligent blogger lately. I blame nausea. It’s the easiest thing to blame for every bad, lackadaisical, dumb, or silly decision I’ve made the last 14 weeks. It will be my reason for the next 20 weeks as well. I don’t DO pregnancy well.

But, I also blame lack of purpose. I’ve felt floundering with why I have this blog.

Once upon a time, I created this weekly format that I followed pretty religiously and therefore, blogged M-F and the occasionally Saturdays. Either I lost interest in the format or my readers did. Since I clearly know what my readers want, it must be the latter.

So I decided to do what I do every day at work: define and provide a purpose for my project team. In this case, it’s a team of one: just me. So I didn’t have much input. Well, I really didn’t have any input. So take a look, and throw some input my way. What do you think of my new, blog vision statement?

vision_statementFor moms—who work in the home, from home, in the office, on the road—who need enjoyment, tips, reality, and laughter—the Sciolist blog is a website that posts my thoughts and experiences along with my doodles and pictures; unlike other mommy blogs that may focus on perfectly organized pantries, splinter-free furniture made out of wood pallets, or genuine, not sarcastic children, the Sciolist focuses on what’s real about my life as a working mom because I am far from perfect as my bed is not made and my toddler often tells me, “I’m funny, mom” and then chases after the cat shouting, “Enough!”


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