I like to do drawrings

oldmanscrummasterI doodled today with an old doodle. I call it, “Old Man Scrummaster”. You’d buy a print, wouldn’t you?

I met this guy (kind of), in scrummaster training that I did about four years ago. He asked a lot of questions. They weren’t good questions. So while he was asking his questions, it was hard to stay focused. I decided, then, to take my notebook and doodle the guy as he asked his questions. Then, you see, I could stare at him without it being obvious that I was doodling him.

I sat to his right, back one row.

Today, I took a scanned copy of that old photo (I gave the original drawing to the class instructor as a thank you for handling this guy’s questions very well), and pulled it into photoshop to erase the notebook lines and color it in. It was a fun little side project to do while waiting for a meeting to start.

So do you see the theme here? I doodle in order to keep myself entertained while waiting around, in, or for meetings.


That’s a fun word to say.

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