what to say, where to go, who am I


I’m contemplating a career change. More details on that in a few weeks.

In doing so, I finally decided to make something of the domain that I purchased not long after getting married: laurenelkins.com. I only used it, for many years, as a means to an email address end so I had “me@laurenelkins.com” to put on resumes. It looked more professional that my gmail nickname account of larrie269. Resumes demand professional so I most certainly couldn’t use my hotmail address from high school, when I registered with harrielarrie.

The problem, is that I don’t know exactly what to put on a website about me. It would help if I really knew what I wanted to do with my life. Does anybody really know that? Where will YOU be in five years? Still living in Utah dealing with this inversion?

I think I’ve decided on the layout and I’ve put up a few things here and there, but what to actually put on the home page, I am waiting for some inspiration to come. I may be waiting a long time for that. Perhaps I will start with whatever comes inside of my next fortune cookie.

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