Dom sabotaged his bath time

Last night, Nathan was filling up the bath when he comes in with a worried look on his face: “there’s no hot water.”

Remember that part about me being an awfulizer?

I immediately imagined a swamp of hot water filling our basement, post-water-heater disintegration. What a calamity, late on a Sunday night! As I prepared myself to run downstairs and inspect the disaster, Nathan tells me: “watch Dom.”

He stomped down the stairs, I turned around to the bathroom, and Dom was standing in his bubble bath, toys all over including the wire baskets because he had tossed those in as well.

I looked at my 2-year old, I looked down the stairs, back at my kid, then down the stairs. Nathan wasn’t yelling anything about needing bailing buckets and I didn’t hear splashing around, but what was happening? I looked back at Dom, standing in the tub, getting upset, and thought, he’s two; he knows how to take a bath and won’t drown if I just run downstairs to see how deep the water is.

I looked down the stairs, then back at Dom, who was now crying about the water being so cold. He tried moving some of the toys around and sitting in different spots, searching for a warm area, but the tub was simply lukewarm everywhere he sat his little bum.

Eventually, Nathan came upstairs and asked if I’d let Dom play in the furnace room today. I didn’t recall setting up his train track in there. Turns out, though, earlier in the morning, he had gone in while one of us was getting some laundry out of the dryer. In his few minutes in there, Dom played with the water heater, turning the setting down to low. So much for a bath tonight. Nathan set it back up to heating water again. We had warm showers this morning. There was no flood at Elkins Manor.

Even though he didn’t get a nice, warm bath before bed, he did get a haircut this weekend. Now he’s not a shaggy boy at school.



  1. Man. i always did everything I could think of to get out of bathing when I was a kid and not once did it occur to me to try his trick. Well played, little man. And nice haircut.


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