The voicemail

Nathan was trying to get a hold of me tonight. My phone chose not to ring though. He left a voicemail but my phone chose not to tell me about this until about an hour later. I think that my phone is envious of our marriage and trying to come between us. Nathan tricked it though by calling from his work line and my phone rang and we talked.

He came home late tonight after a bit of a mishap at school. I just now (three hours later) listened to his voicemail in order to delete it and I am grateful that I didn’t hear it before I knew the situation.

During the entire message, I could hear fire alarms blaring. When was the last time you had a message from your spouse with alarms accompanying it?

The entire message.
Fire alarms at schools are annoying, loud, constant, and NOT part of a drill after 6:00 pm.

It’s a good thing I talked to him and knew the problem wasn’t major.

If I’d only listened to the message, wherein there was not an explanation of WHY the alarms were going off, only a request to call his cell or work phone, I would have awfulized.

I am a very talented awfulizer.

ISIS attacked, or they had an earthquake that only affected a one-mile radius, or another tornado hit Salt Lake, or the school has been surrounded by heavily armed tanks with parents inside demanding demanding straight As for their lazy kids.

Awful stuff.

Thankfully, it was only an equipment malfunction that was very smoky and I didn’t give myself a hernia over imagined hysteria.


  1. ha, awfulizer. that’s a good word. I, too, am excellent at awfulizing things. seems like your phone’s plans to put stress on your marriage sure backfired this time.


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