What I couldn’t do myself: Christmas is back on


Emily helped.

Pogi helped.

Nathan helped.

Mom helped.

Christmas is on at the Elkinseseseses. Dom is very happy about it. He loves Christmas lights and he loves the school bus and motorcycle ornaments.
December was off to a rough start with strep throat making the rounds, no snow but the world outside has gone dormant and grey, the expenses of home ownership, and just feeling lumpy. That’s right: lumpy. I don’t know what that means so feel free to interpret.

The helpers above stepped in and my lumpy mood went away. Christmas music is on, I don’t mind the blah weather, and it looks like the holidays at our place. I needed the help.

Asking for help is not a talent of mine.


2 thoughts on “What I couldn’t do myself: Christmas is back on

  1. looks amazing. but crap. I was sure enjoying the solidarity when it comes to being terrible at christmas. Seriously, though, that’s awesome that people stepped in when you asked for help and even better that you were able to ask for help when you recognized that you needed some. I’m really bad at that sort of thing as well.


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