I think this year, I’ll skip the holidays


One strand.
No ornaments.
Thousands of dead needless on the floor.
No tree skirt.
Tree’s been up since Monday.

Somebody else want to come decorate, clean, and get my house organized?

I can’t do it.


  1. Baby steps with the tree. I can come bolt it to the ceiling if you’re worried you might knock it down in a fit of rage… Jk, that’s what happens at my house.


  2. hahaha awesome. we’ve had our tree for like 10 days now and it’s got one broken strand of lights sort of up. and the house is a train wreck. BUT! We did put up another tree with a darth vader helmet as the tree topper, Locke’s hoodie thrown on the side of the tree to look like vader’s torso, and the final touch is my dirty yoga pants that locke pulled out of the hamper to be vader’s legs. I really shouldn’t brag but we are terribly classy around here.


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