Dom’s skeleton


We stopped at the dollar store this evening in hopes of buying some more of that classy fake spider web cottony stuff (that’s the official marketing name, right?), to add to the front porch. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any so we made some other important purchases:

  • toddler socks
  • mom socks
  • dark chocolate Dove bar
  • AAA batteries
  • Nerds
  • yellow plastic skeleton

At first, it was the green skeleton, then the yellow one, then the pink one. I thought the decision was made with pink and we wandered into another aisle to investigate the as-seen-on-TV treasures. That’s when Dom demanded that he get the GREEEEEEN skeleton and threw the pink one into the shopping cart.

“We can only purchase ONE,” I told him.

I don’t say “we can only BUY one” because then Dominic BITES it.

We went to exchange for the green one, but once we were there, yellow looked more enticing. Pink went back on the hook, Dom held the yellow one and we PURCHASED it.

At home, Dominic was stripped down to his birthday suit for bath time, but needed to take his new skeleton over to ride on Pogi.

I wish I had a picture of THAT.

How are your Halloween preparations going?


One comment

  1. Too funny! When I was putting up my Halloween decorations with my 3 year old granddaughter, she did not want me to take the “scary thing,” out of the box. She reminded me three times, “don’t take the scary thing out of the box.” It is a flying vampire-skeleton thing that she doesn’t like. It remains in the box!


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