Lunch away from the office: part of my renewal cycle


Several weeks ago, I had this thought about a blog post and I jotted some notes down in Notepad. Then, at the end of the day, instead of saving it as a file somewhere on my PC that I would likely never find again, I printed it up and stuck the paper into my laptop bag.

I pulled it out just now and read over it.

I don’t remember where the information really originated, but it’s about a renewal cycle.

Are you familiar with that? Renewal Cycles.

They help you to overcome the sacrifice syndrome. My notes tell me so.

When you are emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted from stress (like how you feel at the end of Friday, ready to go home from work), this is the sacrifice syndrome.

And you need a renewal cycle to recharge; you need some mindfulness, compassion, and hope.

Mindfulness: meditating, yoga, tai chi, prayer (but only if praying to a loving, not vengeful, God)
Compassion: loving relationships, having pets (especially ones you can stroke so no fish), volunteering, care giving (but don’t overload)
Hope: feeling hopeful about the future, laughter, joy, playfulness

So, what do you do for your renewal cycle? Do you even have one?

I am going now to leave work, pick up my son, he will be excited to see me, go home to greet my husband with a kiss, and pet the cat. If there are a lot of grasshoppers on the front porch again, I shall pet those, too. Stroke, hop, stroke, hop.



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