The Stake Talent Show That Wasn’t

A few of months ago, a sign up sheet made the rounds in Relief Society for a Stake talent show. The date seemed so far away and I thought this would be a good challenge for me to have to draw something. I had this idea in my head that I would work on a handful of one-panel cartoons, all “Mormon humor”, then mount them on black paper and put them on little easels. So I signed myself up.

Good intentions.

Then we went house shopping.

That turned into house purchasing.

The next steps were painting, boxing, cleaning, DIing, garbaging, etc.

This last Saturday, I woke up and remembered: “There’s a talent show tonight.” I hurriedly drew two cartoons with a pencil, sketched over them in pen, cut them out, spray-glued them to black construction paper and glued that to the cardboard that came off the back of a pad of drawing paper. High art, I tell you.

We had a frantic day trying to accomplish it all and eventually arrived a few minutes late to the talent show. They had displays set up around a hallway and in one of the classrooms, all with a card labeling the artist/contributor. This card had the same hand writing: almost-calligraphy-but-more-cursivey. We found a pile of these cards on a table and searched through it for “Lauren Elkins, Springview Ward.”

No card.

I guess that they forgot about me and my amazing art.

We left and went to dinner where Dom sat in the train at Shiver’s.

Since nobody at the church function saw the cartoons, I scanned and colored them in just so that I could share them with YOU. What do ya think?




2 thoughts on “The Stake Talent Show That Wasn’t

  1. I love the first one and I think you should of made your own card. Heck, you could’ve drawn your own card (NO ONE leaves Lauren Elkins out)!


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