Health Regeneration


Video games have fountains, fairies, potions, spells, inns, tents, cottages, hospitals, etc. Hit these up and your character’s health is regenerated.

In pinch-me-this-is-REAL life, what do we have that brings us back to life?

Here are some of mine:

  • Soccer: I used to play soccer because I was good at it and I was making up for time spent on the bench as a teenager; now, I play it because of the exercise, the challenge, and the team (I love my Thistle girls).
  • Date nights: getting a babysitter and going out ain’t cheap, but it’s sure worth it to spend the time with Nathan and not worry about whether Dominic is eating something more than the ketchup on his fries.
  • Work workout breaks: I sometimes use lunch breaks or short morning breaks to attend group exercise classes in our gym at work like abs/core, Pilates, or yoga and a few of us from the project team go together, making it some team bonding.
  • Writers’ group: This is one of the latest, greatest blessings in my life where I’m part of a group of incredible women that are talented, opinionated, loving, intelligent, and my friends.
  • Book groups: Similar to writers’ group, these are refreshing groups of women (mostly, but not solely) where I get to learn from others’ critical thinking and am exposed to books I wouldn’t pick myself.

I noticed that recently, spiritual items are missing from this list. I do get spiritually fed by writers’ group because the discussions are about deep stuff that one individual soul is struggling with so the others reach out with empathy, faith, and hope. It’s hard, though, with a toddler, to do some of the spiritual things like attending the temple. We do sometimes. And that is good. I don’t always feel like weekly church attendance is regenerating because I don’t focus on the words as much as I do on the toddler who is trying to sneak out of our pew.

Also, making this list I am reminded that all of these things exist because I have a supportive spouse who allows me to take ME time. When it’s date night, he is there with conversation that still makes me laugh, challenges my critical thinking, and makes me a better, more rounded person.

What kind of activities do you have that you walk away with feeling recharged, cleaner, stronger, happier, and better able to fight your battles?


  1. Writing group is a huge gift to me too. Reading and writing keep me sane. Having friends who get it helps a lot. Also, dark chocolate.


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