How do you get your kids to practice?

This is our little pianist:

Pogi enjoyed Dom’s talented playing and singing.


This was how we spent our Sunday evening. Then Nathan made some pasta that included chard grown in our garden. Dom picked out and ate all of his kalamata olives and was bummed we didn’t have anymore to give him when those were gone. Add those to the next shopping list.

Our goal is that by this time next year, Dom will have learned to sing and play happy birthday for aunt Mern, Grumma, Teddy, Marissa, and other August birthdays.


2 thoughts on “How do you get your kids to practice?

  1. I love the way he sings to the music and his concentration on the sheet music. He also turns the page just at the right time. Super cute. All I can say is that he plays and sings better than me.


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