Running around with Grandma and Papa

Nathan’s parents came in town for his graduation. They left this morning and Dom didn’t really want to say goodbye. He was suddenly shy again and then as we pulled away from our house to drive to work and daycare, he threw a fit. He was inconsolable for several minutes because his Grandma didn’t sit by him in the car. She stayed at the house and we drove away. He cried and cried for several traffic lights until I could finally talk over his crying and explain they were going home on an airplane.

Yesterday, I took the day off of work and Dom and I played with them and Laura, Bears and Biscuits (cousins). We went up to Silver Lake and hiked around. It was perfect weather and Dom requested that I run around with him in the hiking backpack so that was my workout for the day. My legs will confirm to you that we ran around with the added weight.

I’m sure that Dom will be talking about Grandma and Papa for days or weeks now. I mean, what toddler wouldn’t when his Papa was the one home when he woke up from his nap with a poopy diaper? He was all clean and changed by the time we got there. Excellent.

One thought on “Running around with Grandma and Papa

  1. what a fantastic picture that you got of them on the fishing dock. that’s so sad and sweet that Dom is missing his Papa and Grandma so much.


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