Working in a wind tunnel

windtunnelToday, I am working in a wind tunnel. The carpet saga continues.

There have been a number of back and forth interactions in some way with both Safety and Facilities. Eventually, they cleaned the carpets.

This occurred last night.

There is a beastly fan in my room today, and they pointed it at my corner. It is cold working under the constant barrage of this thing. I am working in a wind tunnel. Here are my observations so far, day 1, of wind tunnel operations:

  • the smell
  • it is humid, despite this desert state
  • can’t hear the person standing next to me
  • garbage cans are piled high on the filing cabinets
  • papers are blowing off of the wall
  • a large, plastic chair mat balances on the tray of a large whiteboard
  • the cobwebs have not been blown away
  • they found a box of Trix that I had lost under my desk
  • can’t think, too loud

One comment

  1. I’d yell, “Get back to work!” but honestly, you wouldn’t be able to hear me, nor should anyone have to attempt actual work in this setting.


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