Little Man’s 2nd Campbell Family Vacation



We have returned.

Last week, we enjoyed our annual vacation with the Campbell family, crashing the parties of Park City, UT.

There were 34 and a half, all staying at the Park City Mountain Resort where we hiked the hills, splashed in the pools, and napped at the lake.

Google+ took some of my cell phone pics and made a little story out of it. Enjoy, if you feel so inclined to follow the link below:

Eventually, I’ll gather up the photos from my camera and put them together to share. For now, just a few thoughts about the vacation:

  1. Dom was an excellent sleeper, even though he was sleeping in a pack ‘n’ play in a hotel bathroom
  2. He was a good little boy for the days when Nathan was in Virginia for training (even though he was sad that Dada left on an airplane)
  3. Swimming is an excellent good time
  4. Boating would be an excellent good time if somebody didn’t have to wear a life jacket
  5. Napping at the lake works fairly well
  6. Napping in a hiking backpack works fairly not well
  7. Grumma took care of our cat and garden and we returned to a mighty tomato harvest
  8. I didn’t check my work email one single time
  9. We enjoyed visiting an olive oil store, tasting everything from finely aged vinegar to truffle oil (Dom, too)
  10. They had free swim diapers; it’s the little things

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