Walk to the library


Leaving daycare with a backpack full of soiled cloth diapers.

Dom and I walked to the library this evening, eating sandwiches as we went. There is a library that is a half mile away but we went to the one a mile away. It has better toys in the kids section.

I picked up a book for myself that I likely won’t read and then loaded up our cloth shopping bag with board books for Dom. He hid from me while I was picking out his books then eventually came to find me and tell me he had caca. Yep. I smelt it.

After a diaper change (in a public bathroom where Dom would yell then smile, look at me and say, “echoes”), we walked home and he went to bed. He was happy to curl up with mohkee (formerly known as eee eee) and his blankie.

Nathan is helping scouts out tonight so he missed our walk in the heat.

I’m waiting on another blog post I’ve been considering today about confirmation bias. I’ll read through what I wrote again tomorrow and see how it feels. Blogging is about feelings, doncha know?


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