Must be present to win

MustBePresentToWinYou’ve tossed your ticket in the bucket for the raffle and now you have to stick around until dinner’s over and the stage is cleared for the drawing because: must be present to win.

This is an appropriate phrase to apply at work: must be present at standup meetings to get credit for work; must be present in demo meetings to ask questions about the product; must be present in IM when working from home so people don’t think you’re sleeping the day away.

This brings me to Larrie’s Deep Thought for the day: Where else do you think you should be present to win?

My list:

  1. church
  2. getting enough sleep
  3. family dinner
  4. playing, down on the floor, with a toddler
  5. practicing the piano
  6. reading to a toddler
  7. reading for my own enjoyment
  8. honing the art of writing
  9. strengthening friendships

That’s all I got so far. You?



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