Today: accomplished

It was a long day at work: one day, but it felt like an entire week. Let’s just say an English degree doesn’t really help with software design. The neurons in my brain hurt. But…

Several people on my project team took a lunch time walk up to the cemetery in Research Park. We actually enjoy being around each other even though we mostly work in a shared office together. That’s at least 40 hours a week breathing the same air. I’m lucky to have good people to work with. We’re good too. Good at what we do.

I went to the abs/core class at work today. It’s a 15 minute class so it’s just a short break but it was beyond hard. Shaking and breathing-spitting hard. Sometimes I miss the ab muscles I once had but the trade off was worth it.

After work Dom and I went for a short jog. It was nothing amazing and I am slow but Dom enjoys them. He likes to look up at me every few blocks, glance back over his shoulder and just smile big. He held onto a leaf for about a mile.

Back at home we lounged in the backyard, watering plants, fussing over finicky sprinklers, watching the birds at the feeder, and getting dirty.

When Nathan came home, Dom didn’t want to go inside so I followed him up the street where a neighbor has a German Shepherd. That dog gets its heckles up and barks rather threateningly, but Dom often wants to go say hello. Today, that dog did not bark at us but licked our hands through the chain link fence.

Nathan read Dom bedtime stories after dinner. I think that’s the best. I know Dom loves it too.

I accomplished today. And it was good.


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