Publishing some financial advice

I can’t lie. I’m pretty proud of my spreadsheets that I use for tracking our money. They don’t take a lot of time to update and I feel very confident in where our money goes and how much of it we hang on to. So I wrote a little article about ME, just an average working mom, who can keep track of her own family’s finances. And, it turns out, it’s been published. Twice.


They didn’t include my screenshots of my neat-o spreadsheets. So I will share them with you because I’m nice like that.

Here are the published articles first: How much time does quality money management take? (Deseret News) Manage your financial life in just 30 minutes a month. (KTAR Arizona)

BalanceSheet IncomeStatement



  1. Great job! And wow, we really are opposites in many delightful ways. (I seem to recall that you have athletic ability?) Every time my husband pulls up his spreadsheets, my eyes glaze over and all I can hear is that teacher voice from Charlie Brown.


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