Faith in those little seeds

We planted the garden. No pictures yet. Here’s from when we tilled it, though.

This is the first time I have planted a garden with seeds instead of starter plants. This is also the first time I’ve planted in the ground instead of containers/pots.

I asked around, I read up, and decided to put some faith in seeds sown directly into our garden. We did not invest in grow lights to start those bad boys up in the warmth of our home. Instead, we stubbed them into the ground and left them to the harshness of nature.

Dominic ate one of the pea seeds. Considering he eats pill bugs, I suppose that wasn’t a surprise. He eats all of these things, but he won’t eat his Grandmere’s yummy squash for Sunday dinner.

We also planted herbs in pots. Those are on the bridge over our stream because it’s much closer than the garden, more accessible for Chef Guapo. As long as the birds don’t get to them, they should do fine. Do birds eat herbs? We have so many birds in our yard all of the time that if they have a hankering for some rosemary, thyme, or chives, we’ll lose out. Perhaps we shall build a scarecrow.

How come there aren’t any DIY scarecrows on my Pinterest feed?



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