Easter weekend thus far


We dyed Easter eggs after breakfast today. Dom didn’t try to drink any dye. Success.

We started our Easter celebrations with a hunt for our baskets. It was exciting. Excitingly mundane but nice mundane. Dom quickly found his basket and Nathan simply had to open the closet. Next year, somebody’s going to have to look in the oven.

We took Dom into the front yard after that to look for the plastic eggs I had hidden so carefully by placing them on top of the lawn. He found them all. He’s a talented hunter.

After breakfast (and egg dying), we went outside to cheer Nathan on as he mowed the lawn of our giant yard. We found pill bugs and Dom told me they tasted yummy. Eventually he spit the bug out in pieces.

I went off to a soccer game while the boys lunched and napped. Well Nathan did homework while Dom napped.

The afternoon was spent planting. We have our herbs ready and rearing to go now. Some vegetables are also planted and one ornamental planter with mosquito repelling plants… at least pinterest told me so.

Tonight we’ll play with some cousins at Opa’s and hit up the hot tub.

A long list of our events so I can remember this good day…


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