Grandma DeeDee’s Garden


Dom and I visited Grandma DeeDee yesterday evening. It was Nathan’s evening in school so we were without Dada.

Dom was kind of named after Grandma. Also he was named after Nathan’s Grandma Delilah. She went by Dee.
Dominic Diego. DD.

Grandma DeeDee is 96 and when we arrived she was giving piano lessons to the children of her sister’s grand daughter. While we waited for her, we talked with my 2nd cousin, Bethany, their mom.

I have good family. Bethany and I talked about the go get em attitude of the Carlquist women, we talked about being a mom, we talked about the Savior, we talked about Natalie.
And it was the first time, as far as I can remember, that I’d met Bethany.

After piano lessons, Grandma, Dom and I spent time in her front parlor where she has a concert upright grand piano. It is a beautiful instrument. Gorgeous really. I have many memories of time spent around the piano with Grandma, my teacher for 14 years.

Who will teach Dominic piano?

One thought on “Grandma DeeDee’s Garden

  1. She’s 95 and still teaching piano. You come from good stock, Lauren. Btw, this pic of your toddler is so sweet. His cheeks go on for days.


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