Having a yard = joyous

After getting home from work and pulling the car into the garage, Dom and I played in the yard while Nathan made dinner. This says so much:

  1. We have a yard
  2. It’s warm enough to play outside
  3. Nathan makes dinner

Not a bad life, huh?

Dom and I drew with sidewalk chalk, then walked out to investigate the artesian well in the backyard. Dom kept pointing at it and the little stream and repeating: “agua”. So we played in the agua by taking sunflower seeds that had spilled from the bird feeder and tossing them into the little stream.

After the agua adventures, we went to check on Pogi who we briefly let out of the house. He was eating grass. We let him back into the house and then went for a lengthy walk: three houses down and then back. Dom picked up some rocks, tried to say rock, then dropped them. He then went for the sticks.




Then it was dinner time: orange chicken and asparagus.

Even if it’s just a rental, life is blissful in this home.

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