What I learned from my Writing Memoirs class

  1. Writing is hard. Each week, I only had to bring 2 pages, but I THOUGHT about what to write for hours, days, not weeks. Then I sat down to write and entangled myself in a wrestling match with the keyboard: “This is what I want it to SAY, but you’re getting it all wrong. Ugh.” Of the pieces that I wrote, one of them felt a little inspired. The others, forced.
  2. I was embarrased when it was my turn to share my writing. I felt my cheeks heating up. “Don’t react,” I whispered in my head. “It’s not a big deal; just nice friends listening to one of your stories.”
  3. I loved hearing these other women’s stories, learning about their impressive lives, hearing their voices in their writing, and creating new friendships.
  4. My husband is incredible; this wasn’t a new finding, just reiterated over and over as he took Dom each Thursday night for the last month and a half to eat the dinner that he made, play, bathe, read stories, go to bed, while I went to a class just for me. And I got to share one of Nathan’s poems with the class. I was tempted to bring more just to show off, but I resisted.
  5. It was nice doing something just for me. I thought that I might feel guilty for taking an evening to myself even while working full time, but it was okay. Great, actually. Dom got quality time with Dad, too.
  6. I hope to keep tabs on these women, my new friends, even though the class is over. It was a class full of fabulous.


  1. i’m so sorry you felt that way…you never had ANY reason to be embarrassed at all! your voice and your stories were wonderful and inspiring to me. admittedly i was the least accomplished member of our group, and i’m hard pressed to be critical of anything (besides myself–working on that), but i’m probably representative of the public at large, so there’s that.

    i hope we manage to meet up again. it was such a fabulous experience to have That Thing to go to. 🙂



    1. Thanks, Blue. Isn’t it funny that I was embarrassed? I thought that would go away by the end of the class. I mean, I post stuff on my blog all of the time so apparently, I’m okay with sharing writing. I guess sharing with other excellent writers is different.

      We had BETTER meet up again. And fairly regularly, as in once a month.


  2. I loved everything about the class! So glad we all met each other and can grow as writers and friends. Your blog is one of my new favorites.


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